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David T-G
Tue May 14 13:56:01 2002

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Adrian, et al --

=2E..and then Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder said...
% On Tue, 2002-05-14 at 11:30, Lars Hecking wrote:
% >=20
% > >   Subject: non-member submission
% > =20
% >  I am strictly against any subject-mangling, no matter for what reasons.
% This list seems to be managed with mailman. irrc the standard behaviour


% is that the admin gets a mail saying something like 'administrative
% request(s) waiting' and the msg in question attached. If the admin
% approves the message, the *original* message (still queued in the
% mailman system) is forwarded to the list, so the msg on the list is


% unchanged. If I understand the discussion right, it's all only about how
% the admin gets the notification of pending msgs.

Right.  THIS IS ALL ABOUT MODERATOR MAIL.  I am so sorry that I failed to
make the initial distinction clearly.  I am hopeful that this thread can
die and Werner and Frank (and anyone else who can help out) can get
together and set up moderation without any more chatter from us :-)

% cheers
% -- vbi
% --=20
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