Klez worm and digital signinatures

Ron Beck rbeck@tqtx.com
Tue May 14 17:48:01 2002

Maybe if you demonstrated to them how you could send their manager a
resignation that looks like it came from them rathar than you, they
would understand the need to provide digital signatures.

"Anthony E. Greene" wrote:
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> On 13-May-2002/23:47 -0000, Greg Sabino Mullane <greg@turnstep.com> wrote:
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> >In all seriousness, spoofing email from another person is
> >so trivially easy that I am surprised that more people do not
> >digitally sign their emails for that reason alone.
> I demonstrated this to some friends on a private mailing list recently.
> While they understood how easy it was, they still didn't see a need to
> do anything differently.
> Tony
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