practical compatibility GnuPG/PGP

Jeroen Valcke
Wed May 15 17:27:01 2002


Me and a colleague are trying to setup secure email communication.
Problem is that my colleague uses PGPfreeware 7.0.3 on windows. Up until
now we were able to exchange public keys and verified them. When I
receive a message from him I can decrypt it form the commandline.
However my mailclient mutt doesn't seem to recognize the message as an
encrypted message. I used the tutorial on to configure mutt. Section
XIV. Configuring Mutt For Use With GnuPG. Could anybody tell me what to
adjust so that mutt recoginzes PGP encrypted messages?

Also when I sent an encrypted message to my colleague PGP doesn't
recognize it neither. I read something in the faq about compatibility I added the 'compress-algo 1' line to
my options file but no luck. Any other things to look for.

Or perhaps somebody can round up some of the issues, small list, what to
do exactly?

That would be great.


Jeroen Valcke