practical compatibility GnuPG/PGP

Jeroen Valcke
Wed May 15 17:57:02 2002

On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 05:27:31PM +0200, Jeroen Valcke wrote:
> However my mailclient mutt doesn't seem to recognize the message as an
> encrypted message. I used the tutorial on
> to configure mutt. Section
> XIV. Configuring Mutt For Use With GnuPG. Could anybody tell me what to

I just discovered this on the mutt site.
Q: "People are sending PGP messages which mutt doesn't
    recognize.  What can I do?"

    The new way is to leave headers alone and use mutt's
    check-traditional-pgp function, which can detect PGP messages at
    run-time, and adjust content-types.

But I find no further reference for this 'check-traditional-pgp'
function. What is it? Where must I specify it?

Actually just realized this might be off-topic since it is purely a mutt
thing. Sorry


Jeroen Valcke