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David T-G
Wed May 15 18:11:07 2002

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Jeroen --

=2E..and then Jeroen Valcke said...
% On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 05:27:31PM +0200, Jeroen Valcke wrote:
% > However my mailclient mutt doesn't seem to recognize the message as an
% I just discovered this on the mutt site.
% Q: "People are sending PGP messages which mutt doesn't
%     recognize.  What can I do?"
%     The new way is to leave headers alone and use mutt's
%     check-traditional-pgp function, which can detect PGP messages at
%     run-time, and adjust content-types.

Right.  Folks used to use procmail to tweak the headers, but that isn't

% But I find no further reference for this 'check-traditional-pgp'
% function. What is it? Where must I specify it?

RTFM, grasshopper :-)

% Actually just realized this might be off-topic since it is purely a mutt
% thing. Sorry

It is; see my other reply for full details.

% -Jeroen-


% --=20
% Jeroen Valcke       =20

I find it interesting that when I reply to your message it simply puts up
your address, without your full name, and silently drops the gnupg-users
list from the recipients.  What are you doing? :-)  I can't see anything
in your headers that would cause such behavior and I'm confused...

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