using a key without self-signature

Gregor Zattler
Fri May 17 12:43:02 2002

Hi David,
Hi gnupg-users & -developers,

* David Shaw <> [15. Mai. 2002]:
> On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 11:56:15PM +0200, Gregor Zattler wrote:
> > i want to use a pub key which is has no self-signature.  I know I
> > can do this using the --allow-non-selfsigned-uid option. But i
> > want to use this key on an regular basis and search for a way
> > without this option.
> > 
> > Is there a way to --edit the key so I can use it?
> No.  If it doesn't have a self-sig, and you don't want to use the
> --allow-non-selfsigned-uid option, then there is nothing you can do,
> aside from asking the key owner to sign it.
> Why don't you want to use allow-non-selfsigned-uid ?

Because I want to use it with my standard gpg-mutt settings (as
Len Sassaman <> wrote in his reply 15. Mai. 2002). 

In this special case i now got a self-signature but i have a
dozend of those keys (mainly created in the 90s with pgp

I thinks Len's idea: to use such keys if signed with a ultimatly
trusted key is great.

Ciao, Gregor
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