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Calum Selkirk
Fri May 17 15:06:01 2002

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* David T-G [] [2002-05-16 10:15 -0500]:

> > Basically mutt isn't seeing these messages as signed/encrypted etc
> > is due to the content headers. My ~/.procmailrc reads:
> [snip] ---8<--- [snip]
> FWIW, you might want to check into upgrading your mutt to a recent
> version that can handle traditional PGP directly so that you don't
> have to use the procmail method, which has been known to break
> messages.

you mean me or the OP? I'm using 1.3.28i ..

I've yet to have any problems with that procmail recipe .. what
particular breakage have people encounterd? The upside of adjusting the
content type is that it saves having to esc-P, though i'd drop this
method if it seemed as though i might get into problems with it.

> > As David points out mutt can be patched to create_pgp_traditional
> > (using David's mutt patch coctail is one soluton). You would then be
> > able to add a message-hook to set mutt to send traditional/inline
> > signed/encrypted messages
> You probably mean send-hook here.  It might be interesting to try
> writing a message-hook that automatically checks for traditional pgp,
> though...

yes "send-hook" .. my bad.

> > to or ~h "^X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook
> > Express".  Again this is covered in detail in the mutt-users list
> > archive:
> >=20
> > <>
> Yes.  Please don't start another discussion of it :-)

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