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David T-G davidtg-gnupg@justpickone.org
Fri May 17 15:07:01 2002

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Ben --

=2E..and then Ben Bucksch said...
% Werner Koch wrote:
% >Messages
% >from non-subscribers are held for approval but the chance that I find ti=
% >to actual approve a message is not very high.
% >
% Please make sure that the auto-reply says that, then. People like me are=

Always a good idea.

% often subscribed under different addresses than they use to post, and I=
% assume that the admin approves them, if the list is closed.

I just have to ask this; I hope it doesn't come across confrontationally:
why on earth would you assume that?  List moderation is generally a very
time-consuming and yet thankless chore, and such behavior needlessly
increases the workload.  If the list is closed, the list is closed;
why on earth should you [routinely!] be permitted to post from a
non-subscribed address?

% Ben


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