using a key without self-signature

Leigh S. Jones
Fri May 17 16:20:02 2002

A couple of possibilities for you:

1) Place


into your options file

2) Create a script or batch file to use when
this public key is exercised.  To do this, you'd
create a small text file, for instance to encrypt:

gpg -a --allow-non-selfsigned-uid -o <outputfile.asc> -r
<keyID> --encrypt %1

The last couple of characters are specific to
the operating system -- this is a UNIX/Linux

You save the script file with execute permissions,
then type:

<scriptname> <inputfile>

3) Ask your contact to self-sign the key so
you don't need this.  Of course, he might not
be able to.

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Subject: using a key without self-signature

> Dear gnupg-users,
> i want to use a pub key which is has no self-signature.  I know I
> can do this using the --allow-non-selfsigned-uid option. But i
> want to use this key on an regular basis and search for a way
> without this option.
> Is there a way to --edit the key so I can use it?
> Ciao, Gregor
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