GPG for XP?

Thomas Klaemmt
Fri May 24 16:28:01 2002


>Have you got a machine to test it on?
I do and i hadnīt expirienced any problems.

>... except that there would be problems reaching keyservers
Not if you are using the GPG Version from, but with the
version from i also had some trouble under Win2000

>GnuPG doesn't work with Office XP, because it
>doesn't try to...  but it works on files.  Simply
>save the file as text and run gpg on the file.
WinPT and GPGshell also function under WinXP and with both of them you
are able to en-/decrypt the current window, so you donīt have to save
the text to a file.

Greetings from Germany!