Rasoul Hajikhani rasoul@rhythm.com
Sat May 25 02:41:02 2002

Hi folks,
I am trying to my passphrase by running a perl program to this for me.
The docs mentions that:

--passphrase-fd n
                 Read the passphrase from file descriptor  n.  If
                 you  use  0  for  n, the passphrase will be read
                 from stdin.     This can only be  used  if  only
                 one  passphrase  is  supplied.   Don't  use this
                 option if you can avoid it.
--command-fd n
                 This is a replacement for the deprecated shared-
                 memory  IPC  mode.   If  this option is enabled,
                 user input on questions is not expected from the
                 TTY  but  from  the  given  file descriptor.  It
                 should be used together  with  --status-fd.  See
                 the  file doc/DETAILS in the source distribution
                 for details on how to use it.

So here is the command that my script is trying to execute:

gpg --homedir /usr/lsd/apache-ssl/htdocs/secureDB/PGP/.gnupg
--command-fd 0 --edit-key 1193 passwd

But gpg hangs in the middle of its work. Here is the output:

Secret key is available.

pub  1024D/8B7A4655  created: 2002-05-03 expires: never      trust: -/u
sub  1024g/A935EF26  created: 2002-05-03 expires: never     
(1). Rasoul Hajikhani (None) <1193@rhythm.com>

Key is protected.

You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key for
user: "Rasoul Hajikhani (None) <1193@rhythm.com>"
1024-bit DSA key, ID 8B7A4655, created 2002-05-03

After the last line, the program hangs. I could not find any info on
--status-fd in the docs/DETAILS file. Can someone shed some light on
this for me...
Thanks in advance.