AW: --status-fd and stderr outputs! Huh?

Joerg Toellner
Mon May 27 11:45:01 2002

Dear Werner,

as you wished here are the results of the german jury ...uh... the results
of my tests of course :-))))

Start gpg with the following parameters:

  gpg --batch --yes --status-fd 1 --export -a -o sav/asckey_jt

and capture stdout (same as status-fd in this case in fact of
the --status-fd 1 parameter) and stderr from gpg, assuming, that there is NO
public key with the UID in the pubring (an so the expected
error occurs) will produce the following output on the different handles:

on stdout (or status-fd):
There is NO, Nothing, Nada, nix, garnix! Not even one line!

on stderr:
There is the following output:

  gpg: WARNING: nothing exported

The returncode from gpg in this case seems to be 0 (should'nt it be at least

I think there should be at least also a [GNUPG: ] NO_PUBKEY Msg. on the

Thanks for your advice and good work. If you need more information about
this please contact me again.

CU all
Joerg Toellner

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> Auftrag von Werner Koch
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> Betreff: Re: --status-fd and stderr outputs! Huh?
> On Fri, 17 May 2002 14:53:59 +0200, Joerg Toellner said:
> > to get the well formatted status information from gpg over the
> stdout from
> > gpg. I use --passphrase-fd as well where it is necessary to pass a
> > passphrase. This is done with writing to the captured stdin
> from gpg from my
> Consider to use --export-secret-subkeys to create a secret keyring
> without the primary key and set the passphrase of the subkey to empty.
> > BUT if i i.E. want to extract a public key from the pubring in
> armor mode
> > (to send it to a buddy i.e.) and the key isnt present (i.E. for
> a spelling
> > error in my uid) there is NO, NOTHING, NADA at the status-fd. I
> got the msgs
> > on stderr that says: Warning key not found or so. But the well formatted
> Please provide detailed output so I can see where to add another
> status message.
> > I always thought, that the status-fd is the only thing (and
> recommended one)
> > where i have to put my "ear" on and i'll be informed about every little
> Right.  However some status messages are missing and I am just waiting
> for requests.
> Shalom-Salam,
>    Werner
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