Looking for a comparative survey on s/mime - (open)pgp usage

Thorsten.Delbrouck@guardeonic.com Thorsten.Delbrouck@guardeonic.com
Tue May 28 15:16:01 2002


my apologies if this is way off-topic here, but I felt someone might have some info on this:

I am looking for a comparative survey containing the following information:

  -- percentage of companies using mail-encryption
  -- encryption standards used at this companies (S/MIME, PGP, PEM, Notes internal etc.)

Additional information (tendencies, amount and size of analyzed companies, geographic differences (EU/US/Asian/Worldwide) etc.) should be included as well.

This does not necessarily need to be from a free information source (though I personally would prefer this), but we are as well willing to pay for a survey like that.

Any ideas or hints where to find something like this are highly appreciated!

Thanks for your support.


Thorsten Delbrouck-Konetzko