extracting photo (was "Re: photo in gpg key")

David T-G davidtg-gnupg@justpickone.org
Tue May 28 16:36:01 2002

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Hi, all --

=2E..and then vedaal said...
% am using 1.07 Nullify r-2 on windows 98

I'm using 1.0.7 under Linux, but I do it via a text connection.

% Command> showphoto

Is there a way to set the show-photo command to just dump the image file
to a location?  When I want to look at an HTML or JPG file I drop it into
a private directory on my web server and then open a browser window on my
PC to view it (actually, it's usually open and pointing to the directory
listing, but that's beside the point).  If I were to dump the image file
to that directory, then I could see it.

Other than that, is there a way to extract the photo data, a la some
sort of --export command, so that I could wrap gpg and get the photo
data out that way?


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