photo in gpg key

Keith Ray
Mon May 27 11:31:25 2002

Quoting David Shaw <>:

> On Sun, May 26, 2002 at 10:20:05AM -0400, vedaal wrote:
> > am using 1.07 Nullify r-2 on windows 98
> > 
> > have added a photo to a key without any problems, but get the following
> > error message when wanting to display the photo:
> > Command> showphoto
> > Displaying jpeg photo ID of size 25670 for key 0x24C1716F (uid 2)
> > gpg: this platform requires temp files when calling external programs
> > gpg: unable to display photo ID!
> Some photo viewers don't work properly on Win32 without a patch to the
> code, but give it a try.  1.0.8 (or whatever the next version is) or
> the CVS version have better Win32 support for photos.

I am almost finished with an updated binary (and source) for a MSVC port of
GnuPG 1.0.7a-cvs that has these changes.  It should be out in a few days.  BTW,
if anyone using the nullify binary has any problems, please feel free to e-mail
me.  Most of the GnuPG developers use unix, and I can help solve Win32 problems.

  -- Keith