photo in gpg key

David Shaw
Mon May 27 02:09:01 2002

On Sun, May 26, 2002 at 10:20:05AM -0400, vedaal wrote:
> am using 1.07 Nullify r-2 on windows 98
> have added a photo to a key without any problems, but get the following
> error message when wanting to display the photo:

> Command> showphoto
> Displaying jpeg photo ID of size 25670 for key 0x24C1716F (uid 2)
> gpg: this platform requires temp files when calling external programs
> gpg: unable to display photo ID!
> Command>
> 1.07 was installed using the Nullify installer
> is there any special command necessary to create/specify a directory for
> temp files?

On some platforms (including all Windows platforms), you need to use
temp files while displaying photos.  The default photo viewer is
correct for Unix platforms, but not Windows so you need to set a
viewer in your options file like "photo-viewer myviewer.exe %I".

Some photo viewers don't work properly on Win32 without a patch to the
code, but give it a try.  1.0.8 (or whatever the next version is) or
the CVS version have better Win32 support for photos.


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