no info to calculate a trust probability

Wed May 29 12:32:02 2002

I have already signed the key and I did try setting the trust, which is
now "trust: q/f", though I did setting it to "f/f" and I still get the
same error. --edit "check" command does shows me as a signatory. I
thought that this is all that is required from reading the docs.
Obviously not.

Any more suggestions?


On Wed, 2002-05-29 at 11:19, Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder wrote:
    On Wed, 2002-05-29 at 11:59, Nick THOMPSON wrote:
    > gpg: XXX: no info to calculate a trust probability
    You can gpg --edit to set this key to be trusted. Or you can sign this
    key. (I usually sign the key locally if I did not verify it but want to
    send messages encrypted. Which I do rarely, btw, as it's quite pointless
    to send encrypted messages to somebody I did not verify the key...)