no info to calculate a trust probability

Wed May 29 14:30:01 2002

Yes that allows me to override on the command line, but I have now way
to get Evolution to use that option. Is there no way to change the
setting of this _one_ key to be trusted?

On Wed, 2002-05-29 at 11:57, Timo Schulz wrote:
    On Wed May 29 2002; 11:32, Nick THOMPSON wrote:
    > I have already signed the key and I did try setting the trust, which is
    > now "trust: q/f", though I did setting it to "f/f" and I still get the
    > same error. --edit "check" command does shows me as a signatory. I
    I think you mix ownertrust and validity! The ownertrust has nothing
    to with the validity of the key. But you can skip all trust checks when
    you set a key to ultimate (which only makes sense for your own key).
    > Any more suggestions?
    Try --always-trust, then it should work.
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