OpenPGP/PGP history

Toxik - Fabian Rodriguez
Thu May 30 14:57:01 2002


I put a new version of this online:

Apologies to the list(s) for insisting on this. It's been an interesting
learning experience on how to share content. I finally got some time and
changed the code back, so I use a PHP include on my own version of this
content but others can choose to use JavaScript (or other "include" methods)
as they wish. Maybe it's not the best way, but I don't have time to make
this XML/RSS today.

It may seem extreme, but I *have* to publish this so I stop repeating myself
when people ask me where OpenPGP comes from and they want a 5 minute answer
(or read ;).

Many thanks for feedback,

Fabian Rodriguez - Toxik Technologies, Inc. . (514) 528-6945 @221
OpenPGP: 0x5AF2A4D5

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