Questions regarding "Web of Trust"

Ingo Klöcker
Sun Nov 3 18:32:05 2002

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On Thursday 31 October 2002 15:06, Armin Herbert wrote:
> Everything true so far?
> Then I'd like to know how I can change the Validity of a signed
> public key. I read in the manual "u" is reserved for public keys to
> which I've also got the private keys. Because I had problems with
> KMail (either it's only accepting ultimately trusted keys for
> encrypting mail or it also wants a high owner trust value to do so,
> I'm not quite sure yet) I've set a key of a friend of mine to
> validity "u", which according to the manual is the wrong value, I
> should have set it to "full". How can I change it?

You have to sign the key of your friend with your own key to certify 
that you have checked that this key really belongs to your friend. All 
keys which are signed with your own ultimately valid/trusted key will 
have full trust/validity. After doing this you can use the key with 
KMail for encryption.

And if you trust your friend with respect to key signing (i.e. you are 
pretty sure that he always checks the identity of a key owner before he 
signs a key) then you can set the owner trust of your friend's key to 
marginal or full. After doing this, keys which haven't been signed by 
yourself but which have been signed by your friend will also become 
valid keys and can also be used with KMail. That's how the web of trust 


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