Problems with Public Key

Ingo Klöcker
Sun Nov 3 22:28:01 2002

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On Tuesday 29 October 2002 02:53, James A DePrisco wrote:
> I am using Kmail with gpg.  I have been able to send encrypted emails
> to other recipients no problem.  However, I downloaded a new public
> key and when I try to encrypt with Kmail, the "show encryped results"
> window shows no encryption.

This means that something went wrong during encryption.

>  When I tried another key, it worked
> fine.  Another thing, this person was able to send me an encrypted
> email using my public key.
> Her public key was generated via PGPfreeware 6.0.2i.  I am using
> Mandrake Linux 8.2 and I am a newbie.  The one thing to consider is
> that the holder of the key has a latin name so there is a
> "\"character in the key name for a special character.  Her name is
> Nunez and this is shown as "N\xf1ez" in the key name.  Perhaps this
> is throwing things off.  Please help.

She shouldn't have used PGP 6 to create her key. PGP 6 doesn't store 
non-ASCII characters in the correct format (which is UTF-8 according to 
the OpenPGP standard). Therefore KMail misinterprets the user id. In 
the past we indeed used the user id in KMail to tell gpg the 
recipients. So this could indeed be the source of the problem. Since at 
least KDE 3.0 we use the key id which prevents all user id related 

If possible then you should update to KDE 3.0 where the OpenPGP support 
in KMail has been very much improved.


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