harddisk encryption with gpg?

vlbevnfz@videotron.ca vlbevnfz@videotron.ca
Sat Nov 9 15:15:01 2002

There`s loop-aes at http://loop-aes=2Esourceforge=2Enet who`s quite nice=2E=

I don`t think you want to use GnuPG for that purpose anyways=2E


Original Message:
From: Juergen Schlag juergen=2Eschlag@epost=2Ede
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 14:08:14 +0100
To: gnupg-users@gnupg=2Eorg
Subject: harddisk encryption with gpg?


I am wondering if it is possible to encrypt a harddisk partition
or a disk image file with gnupg=2E Or does anybody know a tool for
mounting an (encrypted) image file as a virtual drive letter
(with Windows) or as a new mountpoint (with Linux/Unix); something
like pgpdisk, but platform independed?

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