Keyservers: multiple subkeys and revocation

Matthias Mansfeld
Wed Nov 13 08:57:02 2002

Short question:

If I have to revocate a key with multiple subkeys (one of the style which is 
corrupted on the "normal" keyservers): 

I submitted this key over one of the buggy keyservers, these keyservers show it 
corrupted, but nevertheless the public key block imports correctly and the few 
servers without the bug show it correctly (means the key is correctly propagated, 
only _shown_ corrupted on the standard keyservers)

Can I assume I can take any keyserver for submitting the _revocated_ key or 
should/shall I submit explicitely on a _not_ buggy keyserver (the only one I found 
seems to be

Thanks, regards
Matthias Mansfeld