Is it *possible* to download GnuPG win32 GUI?

Thu Nov 14 19:24:02 2002

I'm wondering : is it *possible* to succeed in downloading the GnuPG GUI 
for Win32 ?... :-(

I have helped a french Human Rights NGO (Reporters Without Borders / 
Federation Informatique et Liberte to create a little french 
OpenPGP manual, easy to understand (as far as possible).

This french manual is at, and to help 
people who need strong *and* free encryption, this page has a link to 
the GnuPG GUI, called as you know WinPT (BTW, it is not easy to explain 
people why it is not called WinGPG or WinGnuPG or GnuPGshell, and what 
is GPG, GnuPG, WinPT, GPA, GnuPP, etc... :-(

Unfortunately, the link to is... dead ! and the GPGOE (Outlook 
Express GPG plugin) page is also dead !

I would be nice to see the WinPT project hosted by a *real* web server 
with a *real* FTP server ( FTP has a ping very very slow).

Why not host WinPT at and ?

You know, PGPfreeware 8.0 is coming, and I fear that users will be 
forced to use commercial softwares if if they cannot download free 
softwares :-(

PS : I have already said that 2 monthes ago, but the french pages at are completly outdated... Please, can you delete these old 
french pages (I can translate it and update the translation, I already 
purposed this to WK, and at least one other french people puprosed it 
also, but WK seems not interested, I don't know why...)

It is very sad that the french people coming at the home GnuPG page can 
click on a "french" link at and 
discover that the last version is GnuPG 1.0.0 and the win32 version is 
1.0.0c and is alpha :-(((

And sorry to be angry...

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