Is it *possible* to download GnuPG win32 GUI?

Adam Pavelec
Thu Nov 14 20:07:01 2002

On Thursday, November 14, 2002 1:22 PM [GMT-0500=EST], pplf
<> wrote:

> I'm wondering : is it *possible* to succeed in downloading the GnuPG GUI
> for Win32 ?... :-(
> I have helped a french Human Rights NGO (Reporters Without Borders /
> Federation Informatique et Liberte
> to create a little french
> OpenPGP manual, easy to understand (as far as possible).
> This french manual is at, and to help
> people who need strong *and* free encryption, this page has a link to
> the GnuPG GUI, called as you know WinPT (BTW, it is not easy to explain
> people why it is not called WinGPG or WinGnuPG or GnuPGshell, and what
> is GPG, GnuPG, WinPT, GPA, GnuPP, etc... :-(
> Unfortunately, the link to is... dead ! and the GPGOE (Outlook
> Express GPG plugin) page is also dead !
> I would be nice to see the WinPT project hosted by a *real* web server
> with a *real* FTP server ( FTP has a ping very very slow).
> Why not host WinPT at and ?
> You know, PGPfreeware 8.0 is coming, and I fear that users will be
> forced to use commercial softwares if if they cannot download free
> softwares :-(
> PS : I have already said that 2 monthes ago, but the french pages at
> are completly outdated... Please, can you delete these old
> french pages (I can translate it and update the translation, I already
> purposed this to WK, and at least one other french people puprosed it
> also, but WK seems not interested, I don't know why...)
> It is very sad that the french people coming at the home GnuPG page can
> click on a "french" link at and
> discover that the last version is GnuPG 1.0.0 and the win32 version is
> 1.0.0c and is alpha :-(((
> And sorry to be angry...

As far as I know, there are currently two active Win32 GnuPG GUI front ends



Many people have commented that WinPT *should* be the official Win32 GnuPG
frontend.  Unfortunately, it looks like the WinPT site is currently
experiencing difficulties.  Hey Timo! -- What's going on?