Compiling and using v1.2.1 on Solaris.

GOOCH Jeremy
Fri Nov 15 13:28:02 2002


I was trying to decrypt a file on NT using GnuPG v1.2.1 and was receiving
the error "packet too short".  I realised that this was because it was
encrypted on a Solaris machine running v1.0.6 (as per

I downloaded the Solaris version of v1.2.1 and (after much pain and no
little hair loss) managed to generate the gpg binary.

However, now I get the error "MPI too large".  My research tells me that
this may be caused by a zero octet.  However, when I check my keys with, I cannot see "00" at the beginning of any blocks.

I've deleted and recreated secring, pubring and trustdb on both machines but
it still doesn't work.  I have had no problems exporting, importing or
signing the keys to and from either machine.

Can anyone help?



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