Personal prefs (was Re: --group questions)

David Shaw
Wed Nov 20 14:29:01 2002

On Wed, Nov 20, 2002 at 07:55:12AM +0100, Kai Raven wrote:
> Hello David,
> On Tue, 19 Nov 2002 18:15:03 -0500 you wrote:
> > An easy way to think about the personal prefs is as an additional
> > recipient that doesn't actually get the message, but does have
> > preferences that must be taken into account.
> Thx for the interview Mr. Shaw :o)
> Mmh, that seems to me a better or more flexible way as to add
> digest-algo or cipher-algo in gpg.conf. 

Yes.  Putting cipher-algo or digest-algo in gpg.conf should really
only be used in very special circumstances.  The prefs functions let
you do the same thing, but in a safe manner that won't generate
messages that violate the recipients preferences.


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