Personal prefs (was Re: --group questions)

Kai Raven
Wed Nov 20 17:23:02 2002

Hello David,

On Wed, 20 Nov 2002 08:30:01 -0500 you wrote:

> Yes.  Putting cipher-algo or digest-algo in gpg.conf should really
> only be used in very special circumstances.  The prefs functions let
> you do the same thing, but in a safe manner that won't generate
> messages that violate the recipients preferences.


And another question or a discrepancy:
If i set digest-algo RIPEMD160 in my gpg.conf, always RIPEMD160 is used.
My preferences are: S10 S9 S8 S7 S1 S2 S4 H3 H2 Z2 Z1 [mdc]
So i want, that RIPEMD160 is always used for signing a file or
message (not a reply with encryption to a recipient). But if i delete
digest-algo RIPDEMD160, SHA-1 is used - why? That isn't so with
encryption. Without setting cipher-algo TWOFISH, TWOFISH is always used.
So i have to set digest-algo RIPEMD160, but this would violate the
preferences in the case of encrypting & signing to a recipient.


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