question about compress-algo option

Werner Koch
Tue Nov 26 18:15:02 2002

On Tue, 26 Nov 2002 10:49:11 -0500, Toxik  said:

> While exchanging encrypted email with somebody using PGP 7.0.3 (win),
> we had to set compress-algo 1
> in the options file of GPG (currently using 1.0.7)

He should not need to unless the recipients key has been created by
GnuPG and is now used by PGP.  Preference are bound to capabilities of
a specific OpenPGP implementation - changing the implementation may
yield such problems. 

> What is the impact / side-effects of using this option ? In a
> previous message somebody mentioned it as setting zlib compression,
> which was (is?) used by PGP. See:

No real one.  The main difference is that compress algo 1 uses an 8k
compress window, whereas algo 2 usually uses a 32k window.  Thus the
compression is better. The other difference is that algo 2 is
specified by an RFC and algo 1 is not.