Automatically assigning trust values or encrypting automatically via batch files

David Shaw
Fri Nov 29 18:11:01 2002

On Fri, Nov 29, 2002 at 10:51:00AM -0600, Alex Watson wrote:
> I am using gpg Windows version 1.2.1
> I am trying to set up an automated environment where I use scripting/batch
> files to perform various duties such as installing gpg, generating a key
> pair, exporting keys, importing keys, encrypting and decrypting files.
> I have been able to find how to do all except for one without needing user
> intervention.   I can't get around GPG asking questions when encrypting data
> for a public key I have imported unless I first go in using "GPG --edit-key
> <id>"  and establish a trust value.
> Once trust is established for the particular key, no question is posed when
> encrypting.
> Is there an option similar to --passphrase-fd 0 to use when encrypting
> say --trust-yes  (--yes and --batch etc don't result in getting away from
> the question being asked and the batch file hangs waiting for a keyboard
> response)



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