Can't install 1.2 over 1.06 (prob a Make question)

Nick Coleman
Thu Oct 3 14:47:03 2002

I tried to install (as root) 1.2 source over 1.06.  The configure, make,=20
make install all seemed to run ok, but the gpg executable in /usr/bin=20
didn't update.  gpg --version still showed 1.06.  I deleted the gpg=20
executable and ran make install again.  Now gpg is 1.2, but gpgv=20
(whatever that does) is 1.06.  I'm concerned  that other gpg-related=20
files haven't been updated to 1.2.

Is there a way to _force_ a make and make install?  I read the man, but=20
couldn't find a switch to do it, and I only know Make well enough to=20
execute it, not to change the makefile.