Can't install 1.2 over 1.06 (prob a Make question)

David Shaw
Thu Oct 3 14:55:03 2002

On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 10:47:45PM +1000, Nick Coleman wrote:
> I tried to install (as root) 1.2 source over 1.06.  The configure, make, 
> make install all seemed to run ok, but the gpg executable in /usr/bin 
> didn't update.  gpg --version still showed 1.06.  I deleted the gpg 
> executable and ran make install again.  Now gpg is 1.2, but gpgv 
> (whatever that does) is 1.06.  I'm concerned  that other gpg-related 
> files haven't been updated to 1.2.

It sounds like your original gpg installation was in /usr.  The source
distribution installs in /usr/local by default.  Which sort of system
is it - if it is something with some notion of package management
(Redhat, Debian, etc.) you can probably just delete the old 1.0.6
package and have it all go away at once.  That will leave you with
only the 1.2.0 install.


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