MUAs supporting GnuPG FAQ update

David Scribner
Thu Oct 3 23:00:01 2002

A few weeks back I had posted a message to the list mentioning
MUAs that support, either natively or with plug-ins/tools, the
ability to use GnuPG for encrypting/decrypting and

Thanks to all those that responded, and I include a brief
summary here:

John A. Martin mentioned that XEmacs support should be added to
the list, and also brought to my attention another site with
information on using GnuPG/PGP with MUAs
( I also added
Apple Mail from your list. Thanks John!

Ingo Klöcker brought to my attention that PGP/MIME support in
KMail prior to that which will be released in KDE 3.1 is
available only through a plug-in. Although clearsigning is
native, a correction has been made. Thanks Ingo!

Martin Christensen suggested that the table be added to the FAQ
instead of just being summarized. Done!

Andreas John mentioned that for Win32 MUAs that lack support, a
possible alternative is GPGrelay and enables many email-clients
to send and receive emails that conform to PGP-MIME (RFC 2015).
I'll work this in there Andreas. Thanks!

Janusz A. Urbanowicz mentioned that Elm ME+ suports PGP/GPG
natively for clearsigned messages. That MUA has now been added
to the list. Thanks Janusz!

Heiko Teichmeier mentioned that Postme, a small MUA for Win32,
supports GPG with a plug-in, so that MUA has now been added as
well. Thanks Heiko!

Werner Koch also suggested that, although the GNU project does
not generally mention non-free stuff, for interoperabilty
reasons we should do it (and to split the table as such). Thanks
Werner! Following this advice, the table now stands at:

MUA            OpenPGP  ASCII    How? (N,P,T)
Calypso           N       Y       P (Unixmail)
Elm               N       Y       T (mailpgp,morepgp)
Elm ME+		  N	  Y	  N
Emacs/Gnus        Y       Y       T (Mailcrypt,gpg.el)
Emacs/Mew         Y       Y       N
Emacs/VM          N       Y       T (Mailcrypt)
Evolution         Y       Y       N       Y       Y       P (PGPBundle)
GPGMail           Y       Y       N
KMail             Y(P)    Y(N)    P/N
Mozilla           Y       Y       P (Enigmail)
Mulberry          Y       Y       P
Mutt              Y       Y       N
Sylpheed          Y       Y       N
Sylpheed-claws    Y       Y       N
TkRat             Y       Y       N
XEmacs/Gnus       Y       Y       T (Mailcrypt)
XEmacs/Mew        Y       Y       N
XEmacs/VM         N       Y       T (Mailcrypt)
XFmail            Y       Y       N

OpenPG - PGP/MIME, ASCII - Clearsign
N - Native, P - Plug-in, T - External Tool

The following table lists proprietary MUAs. The GNU projects
suggests against the use these programs, but they are listed for
interoperability reasons for your convenience.

MUA            OpenPGP  ASCII    How? (N,P,T)
Apple Mail        Y       Y       P (GPGMail)
Becky2            Y       Y       P (BkGnuPG)
Eudora            Y       Y       P (EuroraGPG)
Eudora Pro        Y       Y       P (EudoraGPG)
Lotus Notes       N       Y       P
Netscape 4.x      N       Y       P
Netscape 7.x      Y       Y       P (Enigmail)
Novell Groupwise  N       Y       P
Outlook           N       Y       P (G-Data)
Outlook Express   N       Y       P (GPGOE)
Pegasus           N       Y       P (QDPGP,PM-PGP)
Pine              N       Y       T (pgpenvelope,(gpg|pgp)4pine)
Postme            N       Y       P (GPGPPL)
The Bat!          N       Y       P (Ritlabs)

Josh Huber, Per Tunedal and others also contributed good
information so I thank all of you as well for your assistance
and suggestions!

Take care, and have a GREAT day!


David D. Scribner
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