Newbie question

Sean M McMahon
Fri Oct 4 03:01:02 2002

I FIGURED IT OUT!!! Thanks to everyone who helped!!! If you check out my
site (using the link below) please keep in mind that I have not uploaded
yet and the finished results won't be displayed for some time yet...I
need to get my act together and complete my website first.

And nope, don't mind if you check it out at all. Keep in mind that the
material is copyrighted, trademarked, all that lovely stuff, by either
myself or the "Amazon Herb Company", despite the fact that I haven't
gotten to actually making the correct "TM" and "C" signs.

Oh, and PLEASE keep in mind that it is a VERY rough representation of
what the actual site is supposed to look like. Banners are the wrong
size/out of place, etc., but I am happy with any feedback anyone wants to
give. Hopefully within a month the site will actually be completed- the
website is Hope you enjoy what's there!

On Mon, 30 Sep 2002 11:42:12 PDT carl w spitzer <>
> I am also studied in site design.
> Mind if I check it out?
> I dont have the URL.

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