FREE Virus And Spam Protection for Windows Users

Veronica Loell
Fri Oct 4 10:45:02 2002

I know this is off topic but I would still like a clarification on the
non-freeness of programs that run on windows. What exactly does that mean?
An open source program that runs on Windows is not OS? I was under the
impression that OS programs including gnupg when run on a mswin machine was
still OS.

- Veronica

>Subject: Re: FREE Virus And Spam Protection for Windows Users
>   From: Graham <>
>   Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 09:26:31 +0100
>     To: Per Tunedal <>
>     Cc: "GnuPG-Users" <>
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>The above is given as a balance and to give information; now, a plea.  
>This subject is OT for a gnupg list, and discussing proprietary 
>software that is not GPL'd goes against the philosophy of this list.  
>Windows is not free (it is encumbered by restrictive licences) and 
>software that runs on it is not free.  The discussion of Windows based 
>GnuPG subjects has a place here, but this doesn't.  Can we have no more 
>of these postings?
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