how to delete a signature?

Peter Jay Salzman
Sat Oct 5 02:41:02 2002

hi all,

my friend's public key expired, so i removed his key from my keyring.
however, his signature is still on my public key:

   p@satan% gpg --list-sigs salzman
   pub  1024D/67EA951D 2000-12-08 Peter Jay Salzman <>
   sig 3       67EA951D 2000-12-08   Peter Jay Salzman <>
   sig         58D7BA3C 2000-12-12   [User id not found]

that "user id not found" is my friend's expired key that i deleted from
my keyring.

i'm having no luck at all getting delsig to work:

   p@satan% gpg --edit-key salzman
   Secret key is available.
   pub  1024D/67EA951D  created: 2000-12-08 expires: never      trust: u/u
   sub  2048g/BA20F792  created: 2000-12-08 expires: never     
   (1). Peter Jay Salzman <>
   Command> delsig 58D7BA3C
   You must select at least one user ID.

i'm not exactly sure what a user ID is.  :(

how do i remove 58D7BA3C [User id not found] from the list of people who
have signed my key?


Fingerprint: B9F1 6CF3 47C4 7CD8 D33E 70A9 A3B9 1945 67EA 951D