cannot get sylpheed to do encryption

Rodney D. Myers
Fri Oct 11 03:36:01 2002

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On Thu, 10 Oct 2002 15:00:02 -0600
Newton Hammet <> wrote:
> Hello All,
>    Need some help....
> I have done the following things already:
> 1. downloaded sylpheed.0.8.5
> 2. downloaded and compiled and installed gpgme (latest)
> 3. compiled and installed sylpheed in the follow manner:
> cd ~/downloads/sylpheed.0.8.5
> ./configure --enable-gpgme  # the output says that GPGME is 'enabled'.
> (=y)
> make          # no errors
> make install  # no errors
> 4. then I run sylpheed from command line and it pops up ok, and I
> configure
>   some things, but there are no buttons for encrypting, signing,
> verifying
>   or decrypting email.  Am i doing something wrong?  Do i need a later
>   version of sylpheed?
> (I already have my public and secret keys on the rings at:

The problem. You installed gpg in /usr/local, while looks in /usr.

Recompile gpg with the --prefix=/usr and that will "fix" the problem
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