cannot get sylpheed to do encryption

Newton Hammet
Fri Oct 11 04:55:02 2002

"Rodney D. Myers" wrote:

> as root, did you change the /etc/ to show the /usr/local, and
> then run "ldconf -v".

Hello Rodney,

I went back and did the following.

1. added 1 line containing '/usr/local' to last line of /etc/
  and ran "ldconfig -v" (did not find ldconf as a command).

2. went back to gpgme-0.3.9 and did the following:

./configure --enable-gpgmeplug
make install

3. went back to sylpheed-0.8.5 and did the following:

./configure --enable-gpgme
make install

4. when I ran sylpheed after  the above, no privacy button
  found in  "Common Preferences".

5. I have read through all the faqs and nothing hits home about what
  I need.

One thing i did notice... there is no path to GPGsm ... I cannot
find out what that is and where i download it and install it. I don't
know if I need that or not.

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