How to export gpg keys to use in PGP 8.0 beta

Sun Oct 13 11:43:02 2002

Hello Sebastian,

On Sun, 13 Oct 2002, at 10:27:56 [GMT +0200] you wrote in the message:

> I get the message that the 16bit encoding of the secret key is
> unsecure. I don't think that this is a positive message. Can I change
> my key back to the original format when I'm done with exporting to
> PGP?

Yes.  Just change the password again, once you have successfully
imported your secret key into pgp.

gpg --edit keyid passwd
enter password
change password (using the same password again is fine)

If you need to verify it...

gpg --export-secret-key keyid | gpg --list-packets

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