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Ingo Klöcker
Sun Oct 13 17:36:16 2002

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On Friday 11 October 2002 10:55, Brian Lee wrote:
> In my case, someone who is in my gpg list chaned his email
> address. I have to choose his old email address when I want
> to mail him by gpg.
> I tried follow action to add his new email address in my
> gpg list. But gpg --edit-key [his id] prompt says like this.
> Command> adduid
> Need the secret key to do this.
> How can I add his new email address to my gpg list so that I
> can send him encrypted mail easily? (not choosing his old address)

One possible solution would be to use KMail instead of mutt because with 
KMail you can associate each email address with an arbitrary list of 
pgp keys.

But that's not what you wanted to hear. ;-)

GnuPG 1.2.0 supports aliases/groups. You could try to setup an alias 
with the new email address pointing to the old key. This is from gpg's 
man page:
--group name=value1 [value2 value3 ...]
                 Sets up a named group, which is similar to  aliases  in  
email  programs.
                 Any  time  the group name is a receipient (-r or 
--recipient), it will be
                 expanded to the values specified.

                 The values are key IDs  or  fingerprints,  but  any  
key  description  is
                 accepted.   Note  that  a  value with spaces in it will 
be treated as two
                 different values.  Note also there is only one level of 
expansion  -  you
                 cannot make an group that points to another group.

The best solution would be to tell your correspondent to add his new 
email address to his key.


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