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Todd Todd <>
Mon Oct 14 16:32:02 2002

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Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> One possible solution would be to use KMail instead of mutt because with 
> KMail you can associate each email address with an arbitrary list of 
> pgp keys.

You can use a pgp-hook to do this in mutt.  From the Mutt manual:

  Usage: pgp-hook pattern keyid

  When encrypting messages with PGP, you may want to associate a certain
  PGP key with a given e-mail address automatically, either because the
  recipient's public key can't be deduced from the destination address,
  or because, for some reasons, you need to override the key Mutt would
  normally use. The pgp-hook command provides a method by which you can
  specify the ID of the public key to be used when encrypting messages
  to a certain recipient.

If you end up using this, you might also be interested in a patch from Dale
Woolridge that helps make the use of pgp-hooks easier.  See for the details.

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