E-Mail Encryption: Why Isn't Everyone Doing It?

Anthony E. Greene agreene@pobox.com
Fri Oct 25 00:06:02 2002

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On 24-Oct-2002/21:45 +0200, Peter Schuller <peter.schuller@infidyne.com> wrote:
>> > This stuff does not need a good interface. It needs to drop out of 
>> > sight. It needs to become as transparent and automatic as SSL.
>> No, it doesn't. It needs to be there so the users can tell the software 
>> who they trust.
>Amen to that. I still don't know how to configure MSIE or Outlook etc to
>trust only a specific key (mutt does this fine though for example).

SSL/TLS is configurable, but installed defaults and default choices work
for most users most of the time. The shortfalls of a specific SSL
implementation notwithstanding, I maintain that encryption needs to "just
work" for most people to use it.

The fact is that WoT does not work well in a mass market deployment
scenario.  Most people do not need the features that the WoT provides.
Some people do need those features, but most people don't, at least not
most of the time.

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