Java API for gnupg

James R. Hendrick
Thu Oct 31 16:51:01 2002

Yeah, you're probably right. I was looking for a simple "one shot" fix.
Should have known better.

The thing is that we need to implement a number of "external interfaces"
between an application that we are writing (that will run on UNIX) and a
wide varieity of older systems (including some decades old mainframes). Some
of these simply need to be flat files and have no option other than FTP on
their end, but they think that they could somehow arrange to PGP
encrypt/decrypt before/after transfer (manually, using another system I

The real-time interface we can deal with better since we will have a
"client" running on those external systems and can make the connection
itself encrypted.

I was looking for a "one size fits all" solution and had thought that if we
could automatically do PGP on our end for the flat file transfer, and have
access to an API for the real-time interface that it might serve both
requirements. (I suppose if need be, we could put a dedicated hardware VPN
in between the machines that can only do FTP and our servers.) I was (and
still am) hoping for something easier/less-costly.

If anyone has any other/better ideas, please sing out.


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On Thu, 31 Oct 2002 08:43:36 -0500, James R Hendrick said:

> - FTP to and from remote systems
> - a custom transfer application for more "real-time" communication that
> send/receive messages in more of a transaction oriented format.

OpenPGp is not the right protocol for this.  You should use TLS or SSH

> Have I missed something in my search of the archive?

> Thanks in advance!

> Jim Hendrick