file extension, gnupgp on Win

Luther Miller
Thu Oct 31 19:29:03 2002

I just recently started using gpg on Windows 2000. If I encrypt a file
called "test.csv" and I do not include an output filename, then
"test.gpg" is created (not "test.csv.gpg"). I have not tried yet, but I
am also curious what the file will be called upon decryption.
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On Thursday 31 October 2002 10:16, Fok, Anthony wrote:
> hi, im new to this and right now, im still messing around with the
> basic signing, encryption and decryption of the program, i was
> wondering if it is designed that the file extension is lost after the
> decryption, because the thing i have tried is this,
> encrypt file>test.gpg then i decrypt it, test.gpg
> --->test
> it doesnt have an extension anymore, plz advise, thanks
> Anthony Fok

AFAIK, this is not the default behavior. If you don't specify an output=20
filename on the command line prior to encryption, you will end up with=20, which will then decrypt to

The command I use on linux is:
gpg --encrypt --recipient

...that creates an encrypted file

- -A
- --=20
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