file extension, gnupgp on Win

Fok, Anthony
Thu Oct 31 19:45:01 2002

sorry to bother everyone, i have found a solution to this prob and it hought
this would be the best way to get this out to the few like me that didnt
know it

i'd like to thank 'Alexandros Papadopoulos' and Michael Gold for their help

the solution is when encrypting the file, using the -o option, add the
extension .gpg manually

so if my file is then i would go
gpg -e -r name -o

then we will get then decrypt will cut off the .gpg and be left
with original file

i understand that this is alrdy done in linux, i guess unix as well, but i
think the default for windows is not, thats why i had this i
guess this would really be more of a windows issue

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> Subject:	file extension, gnupgp on Win
> hi, im new to this and right now, im still messing around with the basic
> signing, encryption and decryption of the program, i was wondering if it
> is designed that the file extension is lost after the decryption, because
> the thing i have tried is this,
> encrypt file>test.gpg then i decrypt it, test.gpg --->test
> it doesnt have an extension anymore, plz advise, thanks
> Anthony Fok

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