markus_kampkoetter markus_kampkoetter@t-online.de
Mon Mar 31 23:08:02 2003

> I don't know if the gnupg.org website was hacked but I have to state that
>  such emotional political statements have no business on such a website.

i would have liked to be told what you are talking about, its just easier this 
way (don t worry, i informed myself meanwhile).

> Such statements have nothing to do with the GnuPG product. Let's keep things 
> professional.

good idea! but unfortunately there are no NO WAR PROFESSIONALS (even not gandhi)

but to be serious: some of the statements that refer to a NO WAR banner and a 
quotation of mr. gandhi (both of it timeless) reflect on anti-u.s.-feelings 
abroad and political correctness in the web very emotionally. we should take 
this seriously. this effect not only is due to its cause (the banner and the 
quote). if we engage in this discussion more emotionally than in a fundamental 
opposition to war then something very strange is happening.


there are two kinds of good men:
the dead and the unborn.                          chinese saying