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Mon Mar 31 23:33:01 2003

James R. Hendrick schrieb:
> I hate to step in this one, because there are excellent points on both
> sides. However, I must make a point where I make a distinction between
> professionalism and indifference. I may or may not agree with what is posted
> on the GnuPG site (or on an Oracle site, or on a Sun or Microsoft site).
> Would you feel the same way if GnuPG had an American flag supporting our
> troops, but also wishing for an end to the war?

personally i am not very fond of flaggs (of course except the yellow-black of my 
favorite football team), there is a risk of nationalism in it that is different 
from patriotism.

> In my opinion, these expressions have little to do with their
> professionalism in the creation, distribution or support of a product. If
> you feel your clients will be offended by your recommendation of GnuPG, I
> hope you (and they) will understand that this expression is perhaps more
> open and forward than some found on other sites, but should not reflect on
> you or on the product. In fact it is these freedoms that America has (and
> continues to) fight for.

the problem seems to be what the u.s. are doing at the moment. hardly anybody in 
the entire world believes it is freedom they are fighting for.

> Sincerely hoping that the War will end and all brave and innocent people
> will be allowed to return to their families, and that those families will be
> allowed to live in peace and freedom.

i do not doubt your sincerety (does this word exist?) but what makes the 
discussion being confrontative sometimes and people feeling helpless is that we 
all know for sure that your wish will not come true (except for the end of the 
war). that makes me angry as hell (not about you).

> Jim Hendrick



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> > Let's not forget, GnuPG is used commercially as well as 
> > privately.  I work
> > for a company that does business with a large number of other large
> > companies and we recently began recommending GnuPG as an 
> > alternative to
> > commercial PGP products.  In our eyes as well as theirs,  
> > GnuPG is very
> > much a product, just as PGP is a  product, and I find it 
> > distasteful at
> > best to direct clients of ours to gnupg.org to be confronted with an
> > anti-war political statement.  These clients are people, some 
> > of whom may
> > have loved ones involved in the conflict in Iraq, and because 
> > we referred
> > them to the site, it is a direct reflection on us.  We should 
> > not have to
> > provide a disclaimer to our clients that they may be exposed 
> > to political
> > statements that may be offensive to them.  Like it or not, 
> > the commercial
> > use of this product does place a burden of professionalism on the
> > developers of gnupg.  Frankly, if I had known that this type of
> > politicization would come with GnuPG, I never would have 
> > implemented it in
> > our organization.

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> > - --- engage <engage@n0sq.net> wrote:
> > > I don't know if the gnupg.org website was hacked but I have to
> > state that
> > > such
> > > emotional political statements have no business on such a
> > website. Such
> > > statements have nothing to do with the GnuPG product. Let's keep
> > things
> > > professional.
> > >
> > If it were a "product", that would be true. But, it's not a
> > product. It's volunteer work done to preserve a source of good
> > opensource software. I think that people who give away the results
> > of their own hard work, don't need to apologize for using their
> > soapbox for other things once in awhile.
> > 
> > Randy
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