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wiggins@danconia.org wiggins@danconia.org wrote
on Mon Mar 31 22:56:02 2003

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 > > If I had loved ones involved in this dirty mess I would be praying
 > > that this war is stopped, not finding it distasteful that others
 >>  feel the same.
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 > But possibly if you had loved ones in Iraq living under the
 > put in place by the current regime you might be praying the war
 > continued, or that it started sooner.

No. I would be praying for another solution.

 > > And a second point: "No War" - this one or any other - is not
 > > a political statement; it's an ethical statement.
 > In its truest meaning you are correct, but the statement wasn't made
 > before the current events, and if the war was over, it would not be
 > there any longer (granted this is an assumption as well, but a
 > safe one). There are plenty of ethical statements that could have
 > been made before the war started, or should be made all the time,
 > the fact that they weren't being made (because that isn't what the
 > site is for) is an indication that now that this one is being made,
 > is political rather than ethical.  Where was the ethical statement
 > before the war about how the regime was treating the people of iraq?
OK let's be precise. Whether the "No war" message was meant as a
political or an ethical statement, only the site owner can say. But
the message as it is is an ethical statement. albeit in a
highly-charged political context. But it's just such a context that
pushes someone to make clear their ethical beliefs.

You say these statements should have been made before the war started.
They were, not on the GnuPG home page but in massive anti-war
demonstrations around the world, and there was the hope that the issue
could have been resolved in the UN Security Council.

And let's be precise about the holy mission of the US to liberate
these poor Irakis. It was never an issue put forward until there were
massive anti-war demonstrations around the world, including the US and
UK. The issue was disarming Irak of any remaining arms of mass
destruction.  Now we're at the hour of body counts and the losses
among Iraki civilians are far higher than among the US and UK troops.

Maxine Brandt

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