Johan Wevers johanw@vulcan.xs4all.nl
Tue Apr 1 12:11:01 2003

BConley@checkfree.com wrote:

> My point has nothing to do with my personal opinion on the Iraq war or any
> other war...I'm just trying to serve our clients without offending them.

The maintainer of the GnuPG site seems not to care about offending people
who take offence by this. That is his choice. People who are _offended_
by this have very long toes. You can't make everybody happy. BTW,
disagreeing with it is not the same as being offended by it.

> As quoted from the gnupg.org website itself, " ``Free software'' does not
> mean ``non-commercial''. A free program must be available for commercial
> use, commercial development, and commercial distribution."

So? Does a no war banner prevent this in any way? Maybe some people choose
not to use GnuPG because of this, but that's their choice. But AFAIK GnuPG
is still usable for any of these purposes.

> That being said, in my opinion claiming the  "hey this is free, it's open
> source, we can say whatever we want" argument seems a bit disingenuous.

If you're selling the software you can also say what you want. Perhaps it
will cost you some customers, perhaps it wil gain some. But that's your
choice. Anyway, since GnuPG is not sold it won't cost or gain the developers
any money.

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