simplifying the use of --throw-keyid option

David Champion
Thu Apr 3 07:58:02 2003

* On 2003.04.02, in <>,
*	"David Shaw" <> wrote:
> Part of the point of thrown keyids is that the local user can't know
> which secret key to decrypt with.  They'd have to try every key
> manually, which defeats the point of using -u for a speed improvement.

Yes, but the hypothesis in the initial post was that the recipient knew
or suspected the key ID out-of-channel -- which is a wholly plausible

> Even assuming the local user happens to know via whatever means which
> secret key to use, unless the user has a massive number of secret keys
> to try, there is no real advantage to this.

I happen to have 9 secret keys on my current keyring. If I were to
decrypt a lot of message with thrown key IDs, all in one shot -- say I'm
searching for something in my mailbox, and I get a lot of messages from
a particular person who throws IDs when sending to me -- that actually
could be significant computational savings.

I don't think this is useful in the common case, I only suggested it for
the rather rarer case of bulk processing, because it seemed like a small
change that was already suggested by the documentation.

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